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Robins in a room

I have decided to push my alleged magical Robin powers to their limits. To this end, I have written a short framing-device scene, one that allows for Robin-Robin interactions of all permutations within its context.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to give me the names of two Robins you want to interact. They can be from any era, any continuity, any particular characterisation. Want me to write Rochelle of the French Revolution meeting the Robin of the 1960s? The Toy Wonder meeting Toon-Tim? Thirteen-year-old Dick Grayson meeting just-fired Stephanie Brown? Clash of the Jasons? Challenge away. I'll write snippets for them when I get home this evening. They don't have to be wildly out-there, either. Core-canon Robins are more than acceptable. So are those from fic-verses.

I like to think of it as a characterisation exercise. Like juggling, but with more sidekick-fu. Oh, and people are absolutely more than welcome to write their own scenes, too. Heaven forbid I should be the only one having such fun. Come play!

Anyway. Framing scene:

Somewhere near the back of the room, there is another Tim. The other Tim, though there are others who go by that name and wear his face scattered around the room. The Tim who catches his attention is the Tim he has met before. The Tim he used to be, before the world got so dark.

It's hard to look at him. It's hard to look at so many of them. At those with Carrie's grin, when his own Carrie is still such a recent, raw memory. At Stephanie...

It's less painful to rest his eyes on Bette. Flamebird, Batwoman, she was his Robin in all but name. The look she gives him from out in the crowd isn't yet edged with the brittle disgust which he knows so well.

Tim's own mouth twists into something like a smile as he notices the other Tim edge closer to Kon-El. There is familiarity thick as fog in this room, draped in red and green and gold. For the first time in many years, he almost misses wearing brightness.

He clears his throat, and speaks above the murmured din. "I apologise for any after-affects you might feel from the Hypertime disruption. I've brought you all here today because I needed soldiers I knew I could trust. And there are none I trust more than you, Robin."

... right. So. Challenge me.

Edit: Snippets by Mary so far: (Other writers can be listed here too, if they prefer.)

Hypertime-Kon-El, WWYJ-Steph, and Comics-Tim
Toon Titans-Robin and Comics-Tim
Rochelle and Comics-Steph
Thirteen-year-old Dick Grayson and just-fired Stephanie Brown
Thrillkiller-Dick and Riddle of the Beasts-Robin
DKR-Carrie and Comics-Steph
Pre-Crisis Jay and Toon-Tim
Post-Garzonas Jason and a very young Dick
The Toy Wonder, Contagion-Tim, and Samurai-Tim
Angelsverse-Tim, Red Eft's Cass-Robin, Carrie Kelley, and Te's Waiting for you-Dick
Titans Tomorrow-Tim, Red Hood-Jason, and DKSA-Dick
Thrillkiller-Roy and Thrillkiller-Dick
Red Hood and post-ROTJ Toon-Tim

Edit again:
Sins of Youth-Bruce and Robin 3000
Sins of Youth-Bruce and Toon-Tim and Pre-crisis Jay
1966-Robin and Schumacher-Robin
Dick from Derry's 'More Than Two Men' and Angelsverse-Tim
Amalgamverse-Sparrow and Comics-Tim
A Robin-Babs and a Robin-Cass
Kingdom Come-Red Robin and Earth-2 Robin

Edit the third:
Steph and Post-crisis Jason
Thirteen-year-old Tim and fifteen-year-old Jason, with a number of cameos
Spirit-Steph and Ghost-Jason, just-recruited Steph and the Red Hood
Ensemble scene
Post-crisis Jason and Red Hood
Holli and Petronelle's Sparrowhawk and a Justin-Robin
WWYJ-Steph, Detective 27-Dick, two Generations-Robins, and the Red Hood
Toon Titans Robin and Rubynye's 'To Conciliate a Tiger'-Dick
'Scarecrow: Year One'-Dick, wee-Tim, and Justin Thomas
The Robins from Te's 'Something that will not let go' and 'The Drowners'

Edit four:
Cass-Robin and Comics-Steph
Robins Red, Green, Gold and Brown
Toon-Dick, Toon-Tim, and Matt-Robin
Comics-Tim and Crime Syndicate-Tim
Comics-Steph and Jabberwock-Steph
'Dark Victory'-Dick and 'Sins of Youth'-Bruce
'Kingdom Come'-Dick and 'Titans Tomorrow'-Tim

Number Five is alive:
Pre-Crisis Jason and Post-Crisis Jason
Properly-written-Tim and Willingham-Tim
Tim from Betty's 'Able to Succeed', Earth-2 Robin, and Kingdom Come's Red Robin
pre-Shiva and post-Shiva Tims

Edit six:
Pre-Crisis Jason and Earth 2 Robin
Chibi-Robin and Steph
Steph from Petra's "Excerpt from the journal of S. Brown" and Rochelle
Helena!Robin and Roy!Robin
DKSA!Robin and Sins of Youth!Bruce
Intimates!Tim, observed by Angelsverse!Tim and Carrie
Kon and a post-apocalypse Tim

Edit seven:

Ruby's bull-dancing Tim and Riddle of the Beast Tim
Red Bird and Angelsverse-Jason
My Robin keychain and my Robin bobblehead (Vissy, you're insane)
Archie Comics' Betty and Pre-Crisis Jay

Suggestions still encouraged. No, really. MORE MORE MORE.
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